“Made in India” banners spotted outside Xiaomi stores to counter boycott China campaign

The whole ”Boycott China” campaign that arose recently over the border dispute between countries in the mountainous region of Ladakh. The Chinese giant Xiaomi who holds a noticeable share in India for their products is now putting up humungous ”Made in India” banners to counter the whole scenario.

The banners were spotted outside Mi showrooms in Kolkata. The so-called tagline that company runs claiming to be Indian’s leading smartphone was found in 2010 and has grown noticeably in India since they entered the country back in August 2012.

The whole titling revamp of the stores, “Made in India” is now written in white with a saffron backdrop. Not just that, MD Manu Kumar Jain of Xiaomi India tweeted on Thursday, ”Super proud to share that majority of our TVs are Made in India! We employ thousands of team members across our India factories.”

The company has given out figures calming it has 31.2per cent market share in India. Also, the whole campaign doesn’t seem to have affected them much being of a Chinese origin as their last smartphone and laptop flash sales managed to out stock in no matter of time.

Residents of Kolkata, a city in the Bengal state of India seemed to be very sceptical about this very situation, some are supporting the cause while others considering this movement to be impractical, as majority of electrical goods have components manufactured in China.