Man sues Apple for $1 trillion after iPhone repair

Believe it or not, someone is suing Apple for $1 trillion because of some crazy theory that the company took his iPhone and used it to create new features. As given in this report, the case has been filed by one Raevon Terrell Parker, who says that in 2018, he had given his iPhone for repair at the Saint Louis Galleria Apple Store in Missouri district in the US. And he believes that Apple replaced his iPhone and used his unit to work on special features, which were later released for users across the globe. 

Parker says that, Apple deceived him by offering a different unit intentionally, because his iPhone was the first to get some ‘new features’. In addition to this, Parker said that he had issues about the phone being reset and having to download his app purchases all over again. It gets stranger. Parker had filed another legal suit requesting to compensated for discovery Group FaceTime feature. He believes these features helped Apple to come up with iOS 12, and he feels the need for Apple to compensate him for that. 

While the previous lawsuit was junked by the court. Parker has come out again, staking claim for patents of iOS 12.1 and later versions. And for this, Parker wants Apple to compensate him with $1 trillion for “hospitalizations, travel, distress, humiliation, embarrassment, [and] defamation of character.” 

Understandably, no court date has been set for hearing this bizarre case. And in all liklihood, this case will also be dismissed, based on the allegations and also, the proof of evidence submitted along with the lawsuit by the complainant. We’ve heard crazy stories, and Parker joins the list with his claims and supposed ownership to iOS, which is hard digest.