Spotify to let employees work from home for rest of the year

We all know how much this COVID-19 pandemic has taken from all of us, with the untimely arrival and world going into lockdown disrupting work culture. Companies were made to transition into fully online with employees working right from home.

Some big names to adapt the same were Facebook and Google. They also extended the ongoing work from home policy through the end of the year, the latest name to join the same is the Swedish giant Spotify adding the extension.

“Earlier today, we announced the extension of our work-from-home arrangement for all Spotify employees globally. We will continue to track local government guidelines city-by-city and take a phased approach of opening our offices when we deem it safe to do so.”, a Spotify spokesperson told Music Business Worldwide.“Our employees’ health and safety is our top priority. No employee will be required to come into the office and can choose to work from home through the end of the year.

A number of other tech giants are aboard the bandwagon of bringing in work from home policies. Some of the companies who have gone a drastic step ahead are Twitter, Facebook and Shopify who have introduced a permanent work from home option to their employees. Although, it’s just an option, whatever’s feasible to one, working from home or the traditional office way.

People spending more and more time at home has led to increased content consumption of oneself as well and in order to increase user engagement, the Swedish giant Spotify has introduced a group session feature that let’s multiply Spotify premium users listen to tracks together and control the session.

As per MBW, as of 2019, the company had almost 4500 employees with being active about around 79 countries.