Latest WhatsApp beta lets you add people using QR codes

QR code support is expected to become available for all beta testers within the next few days.

Dissolving the hassle of typing in numbers, then saving the contact and further going into WhatsApp. All of this, just to send a simple message to a particular contact might be frustrating at times. The newest beta of WhatsApp for iOS witnesses a new feature to make oneself hassle-free. A new QR code contact can be found of the existing user within the WhatsApp app which can be shared with others, who can then add you to their contact list with just a scan of the QR code you shared.

Android Central

This feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo and it was something that was rolled out from the server-side update in the latest WhatsApp beta v2.20.60.27. If you own an iPhone and have a beta installed, you can check it out yourself by going into app’s settings and the newest feature will be just right there as an icon next to your username.

If you tap on that icon it pops up your personal QR Code contact card which is unique to every person, for example in the header of the image that is attached below. The QR Code is directly sharable to few places right from there itself, like to messaging apps, e-mail etc or you can even screenshot and send, whatever one finds convenient.

Once the QR is sent to the other person who wants to add you to his contact. The other identity will be needed to head to the QR code settings page inside WhatsApp. Head over to there, the other person will find a ”Scan” button under his personal QR code. Clicking on the scan button will open the camera, now the other person can choose to scan pointing it to your phone or can choose the image from the gallery if you have sent him your QR.

The whole process barely takes a moment, it is something that Instagram and Snapchat users have already seen. However, there’s one thing to remember, here your number will be shared along with QR unlike Instagram or Snapchat as they are username based platforms while WhatsApp relies on phone numbers to communicate.

One particular use of this feature is that it will come handy for people looking forward to making public group promote a business by sharing the QR code to the social network. In case if your unique QR code is misplaced or accidentally shared it somewhere where you didn’t want to, there will a reset option available as well just right below your personal code which you get yourself a new unique QR code in no time.

This new QR code contact card is exclusive to beta iOS used for the time being. However, Android beta users are expected to receive the same very soon. There’s no particular precise date or word when it will be out publicly to everyone, we can expect in the near future.