International Fact-Checkers Network Launches Fact-Checker Bot on WhatsApp to debunk fake news related to Coronavirus

IFCN launches WhatsApp chatbot for fact-checking news related to novel coronavirus.
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The Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network today launches a chatbot on WhatsApp to connect its millions of users with the translated work of more than 80 fact-checking organizations worldwide. By using the IFCN’s chatbot on WhatsApp, citizens can easily check whether content about COVID-19 has already been rated as false by professional fact-checkers.

Fact Checkers from 74 countries have identified more than 4,000 hoaxes related to the coronavirus. All of this information is compiled inside the backbone of the new Whatsapp Chatbot and the largest collaboration of fact-checkers ever, the database is known as “CoronaVirusFacts database”.

Providing this service in collaboration with WhatsApp and IFCN provides an invaluable service to countries, communities and citizens in real-time and at scale — empowering them to not only fact-check or question information but to play a role in debunking false information.

Gustav Praekelt , Co Founder

IFCN updates the database daily so that chatbot users can access its most relevant content on their smartphones.

This chat bot lets you debunk fake news related to the novel coronavirus, view the latest fact-checks, find fact-checkers near your location, and get tips to fight misinformation.

This chatbot in free to use. To use it you can start with sending a “Hi” message to +1 (727) 2912606. Or else you can click here to directly switching to WhatsApp.

I tried testing the bot by debunking the claim made by US President Donald Trump. And guess what it worked.

You know what to do when you hear some fake or factless news, this chatbot will come to your rescue.