Google is planning to rebrand Android TV to Google TV

Android TV may be getting rebranded back to Google TV
Photo: 9to5google

As we all know, Google is known for releasing, rebranding, and even killing their products from time to time. According to a report by 9to5Google, Google is now working on rebranding Android TV to Google TV.

Android TV is a version of the Android operating system designed for digital media players, set-top boxes, soundbars, and TVs and developed by Google. Serving as a replacement for Google TV, it features a user interface designed around content discovery and voice search, surfacing content aggregated from various media apps and services, and integration with other recent Google technologies such as Assistant, Cast, and Knowledge Graph.

The platform was first launched in June 2014, with its Nexus Player launch device unveiled in October. The platform has also been adopted as smart TV middleware by companies such as Xiaomi and OnePlus, while Android TV products have also been adopted as set-top boxes by a number of IPTV television providers.

A special edition, called Android TV Operator Tier is provided to service operators that implement Android TV on the device they provide to their subscribers to access media content. In this edition, the operator can customize the home screen and services on the device.

There’s nothing much to say about the report released by 9to5Google, however we can claim that Google is distancing itself from using “Android” branding and preferring using its own name.

In case you don’t know, Google Play Store was originally named Android Market, Google Pay was Android Pay, Messages was Android Messages, and Wear OS was Android Wear. So we can clearly assume that we can see Android TV to be renamed as Google TV.

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