CarryMinati TikTok Roast Video Brought Down by YouTube

In what comes as a stern action by social media giant, Google’s video-sharing platform YouTube have brought down CarryMinati’s latest video. The video garnered over 65 million views in less than a week.

YouTube have now pulled down the video citing reasons which suggests the roast video goes against their community standards. It’s bullying.

CarryMinati’s latest attack on Tiktokers which came out as a retaliation of some of the latter had apparently abused him and others on the Chinese social media site. The attack went too far and became talk of the town after CarryMinati openly roasted plenty of top Tiktokers.

Ajay Negar, which is famous as CarryMinati had requested his fanbase to show him support and get maximum likes, which his fans didn’t fail to. The video grabbed over 10M likes in 5 days.

The video, which is no longer available, was brought down by YouTube, citing it was against their harassment and bullying policies.