Forza street is out now for iOS and Android

Forza Street Now Available on iOS and Android!

Launched back in 2019 for PCs running Windows 10, Microsoft’s free-to-play racing title is not available to Play on Android and iOS. Forza Street from Forza creator Turn 10 Studios, is the first ever racing title from the studios to arrive on mobile phones offering users, close to the PC game experience.

Forza street is a series of simulation racing video games for Xbox consoles and Windows 10 published by Xbox Game Studios. The series seeks to emulate the performance and handling characteristics of many real-life production, modified, and racing cars.

The franchise is primarily divided into two ongoing titles; the original Forza Motorsport series developed by American developer Turn 10 Studios, which focuses on primarily professional-style track racing events and series around a variety of both real and fictional tracks, and the Forza Horizon series mainly developed by British developer Playground Games, which revolves around a fictional racing and music festival called the “Horizon Festival” and features open-world environments set in fictional representations of real-world areas in which players may freely roam and participate in racing events. Until 2019, each installment of the franchise series have alternated on a biennial basis; the Motorsport entries were released in odd-numbered years, while the Horizon entries were released in even-numbered years. This pattern was altered due to the absence of a new Motorsport game in 2019.

You can download this game from Google Pay store and Apple’s appstore, but this game is also available to download from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

If you download it from the Galaxy Store, user will also receive a 2015 Ford Mustang GT with a custom Galaxy-themed paint for free.